Poetry For Kids

​​​Beautiful illustrations and whimsical poems lead readers on a wonderful exploration of prehistory, all of which can be summarized by that all-important word: FUN.

Dinosaur Name Poems was Dr. Cunningham's big debut of poetry for kids. What began as his passion for poetry combined with his son's infatuation with dinosaurs and catalyzed by reading a ton of children's books, blossomed into the award-willing children's book.  

His second book, "Poemenclature: Poems About Your Body," was just released from Under The Maple Tree, an imprint of Knox Robinson Press.

All author proceeds from the sale of "Poemenclature: Poems About Your Body" go to charities supporting children's physical and mental health!

 - Dr. Richard A. Kissel, paleontologist and Director of Teacher Programs at  the Paleontological Research Institution of Ithaca, NY.  More REVIEWS HERE
- Douglas Florian, author of Dinothesaurus (2009), a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year, and Lizards, Frogs and Polliwogs (2005), a Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book.

Poemenclature is loaded with humor, facts, and fancy [with] whimsical color illustrations ... Enjoy it!

Meet Children's Poetry Author Steven Cunningham