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Poems About Your Body

In this playful second book by Dr. Steven Clark Cunningham, we are again served up a fun and healthy collection of bite-sized treats that both educate and entertain. 

Following in the Jurassic footsteps of his award-winning book "Dinosaur Name Poems," the current poems share the motif of using the names of things (nomenclature) to introduce topics that otherwise may be unfamiliar (as in the poem "Sphygmomanometer") or even a little scary (like in "Cancer" or "Anesthesia"). 

The lyrical nature of the poems and the vibrant warmth of the illustrations give each topic the traction needed to get kids reading right into the poems and on through the "Learn More!" sections that follow each poem.

About the Books

Children S Poetry

From Three Conditions Press:

Dinosaur Name Poems

This book is a 72-page, richly illustrated, bilingual (English and Spanish) collection of poems for children.  

Kids love to know what the dinosaur names mean:
Tyrannosaurus Rex is "tyrant lizard king," Stegosaurus is "plated lizard," Oviraptor and Velociraptor are "egg thief" and "speedy, or swift, thief," and my son's favorite, Pachycephalosaurus, is "thick-headed lizard."  So each poem uses the name of a dinosaur (or other prehistoric beast) as a take-off or setting for the playful verse that follows.

The book includes a glossary of technical terms and preshistoric beasts.  The accuracy of all text and illustrations was approved by Paleontologist Dr. Richard Kissel of the Paleontological Research Institution of Ithaca, NY.