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Poemenclature: Poems About Your Body, is a perfect introduction into the complex world of organs, disease, and the tools needed for and diagnosing and treating many serious childhood conditions. Using playful poems and “Learn More!” sections on each page, Dr. Cunningham breaks down these topics in a way that children and their parents alike can understand. Susan Detwiler's charming and clever illustrations further enhance and explain the text in ways that children can relate to. As a former neo-natal and pediatric nurse, now children’s book author/illustrator and mom to three children, I believe this book would make an excellent addition and resource for school classrooms, doctor’s offices, and any parent looking for books to explain these serious topics in a very child-friendly way.

                 - Joan Waites, illustrator of What's New at the Zoo? An Animal Adding Adventure and many other children's books (2009) and recipient of the Teacher’s Choice Award, the Benjamin Franklin Award, and numerous others.

This is an exciting and worthwhile addition to literature for kids, particularly if they spend a lot of time around medicine. The poems are fun to read and convey a lot of information. The “Learn More!” section on each topic is wonderful.  The illustrations are lively, accurate, and often amusing.

          - Sue Poduska Creator of GradeReading.net, a suite of blogs for reviews of children's literature.



​Dr. Steven Cunningham's new book of poems about the human body, Poemenclature, is loaded with humor, facts, and fancy, along with some whimsical color illustrations by Susan Detwiler. In addition to human anatomy, the poems reference diseases and doctor's tools. Enjoy it!

                - Douglas Florian, author of Dinothesaurus (2009), a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year, a Horn Book Fanfare List selection and a Junior Library Guild selection; Lizards, Frogs and Polliwogs (2005), a Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book; and Gryphon Award-winner and Parents Magazine Best Book of the Year Bow Wow Meow Meow (2003). 

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"Beautiful illustrations and whimsical poems lead readers on a wonderful exploration of prehistory, all of which can be summarized by that all-important word: FUN.  With Dinosaur Name Poems, Steven Cunningham has produced a delightful introduction to a host of prehistoric beasts! The illustrations are colorful and engaging, while a glossary and a section containing brief bios of the creatures closes the book perfectly. Also welcome is the inclusion of Spanish text throughout. As the scientific consultant for the book, I am more than proud to have my name associated with the final product."  
          - Dr. Richard A. Kissel, paleontologist and Director of Teacher Programs at  the Paleontological Research Institution of Ithaca, NY


"All of the poems have a great roll-along sound and bouncy rhythm, characterizing thirty dinosaurs from Allosaurus to Velociraptor as they play on the meaning of the etymology of the ancient animal's name. This will unquestionably engage kids ... Supporting the thirty poems are Valeska M. Populoh's laugh-out-loud animated illustrations with their brilliant texture and wonderful palette of colors, notably red, green and blue that are well matched to the text."
          - Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Bookpleasure (Full review at The American Chronicle)

 "Colorful, artistic illustrations and a thoughtful text accompany each dinosaur poem. The book is a wonderful addition to any child or school's collection.”
           - Nancy Lewis, expert in early childhood education and author of Count-a-Saurus (Alladin, 1992)

"Thank you to Steven Clark Cunningham, for his boyhood soul and for bringing us, children and grown-ups alike, the fascinating world of our dinosaur friends.  The pages in this book are filled with innocence, beauty, and wisdom – the wisdom of transforming  poetry into adventure."
          - Susana Oviedo, school teacher, Vitoria, Spain  

"Stevosaurus Cunningham is a witty and entertaining writer who is keenly in touch with both dinosaurs and children and what they must think of each other. We bought 5 books with the intention of sharing, yet we have kept them all- for the car, diaper bag, nanny's house, downstairs and upsatirs. My little girl loves the book!"
          - Dr. Erica Sutton, clinical fellow, Minimally Invasive Surgery, University of Maryland

"I really like all of the poems and the artwork. I really like how the poems rhyme and how I learn something about dinosaurs from them.”
           - Sophia Matricciani, grade-school-aged child

"A great introduction to etymology that will appeal to kids on several different levels.”
          - Eloise Michael, Feathered Quill Book Reviews (Full review at the Feathered Quill)


Author's dedication:

For children – our future –
especially my children,
Lucas, Ana, Amaya, and Matteo,
especially Lucas Mario
who inspired this book,
and for my mother and my wife,
the two people to whom I owe the most

Para los niños – nuestro futuro –
especialmente mis hijos,
Lucas, Ana, Amaya y Matteo,
sobre todo Lucas Mario
que me inspiró a escribir este libro,
y para mi madre y mi esposa,
las dos personas a quienes estoy más

    -Steven C. Cunningham



     We would like to thank Dr. Richard A. Kissel, Paleontologist and Director of Teacher Programs at the Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth ( Ithaca, NY), for reviewing and editing the content of the book for scientific accuracy.